Our Services

Our name is Totally Clean Carpets, but carpet is not the only flooring that we work with, nor is cleaning all that we do. We have a variety of services, from cleaning to restoration to installation. We work with all flooring surfaces, including tile, granite, stone, and of course, carpet.

For a full comprehensive list of our services browse this page, or use the links under "Types of Services" on the right. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us.


Medical exam room with standing water
  • Water Extraction
    Whether a pipe freezes or breaks, a roof leaks, sprinklers are triggered, or heavy rain causes flood waters to invade your home, standing water in your house is a big deal. You need it out quick.
    (Our extraction process uses DriEaz)

  • Water Damage
    After the water is extracted, not only the floors are affected. There may be water damage on baseboards, the walls, and even on the ceiling. After removing the affected areas, we can also rebuild from replacing to painting.

  • Fire Damage
    The affects of a fire, no matter how small, can be devastating. Smoke stains can color your walls and ceiling, and getting rid of the smell can be a nightmare. We are specially certified for fire and smoke damage and can help. After the damaged areas are removed, we can rebuild to pre-loss conditions.

  • Pet Stain and Odor ControlPhoto of dog: Yorkshire Terrier
    There is no doubt we love our pets, but let's be honest. Even the best behaved pets can cause messes on occasion. There is no need to worry about having company over. We can remove the stains and help with the odor so your family and friends think your pet is as perfect as you do.

  • Oriental Rug Repair
    Oriental rugs can be priceless treasures. You can't just go out and buy another one. When these are in a state of disrepair due to time or disasters, you can call on us.


  • Carpet / Upholstery / Rug Cleaning
    Fabric needs special care. Your clothes get washed after one use, but what about your carpet, sofas and rugs? They may get vacuumed, freshened, or in other words, "Febreezed", but when was the last time they were really truly cleaned? Call us to give them the care they deserve.

  • Hard Surface Cleaning A hardwood floor midway after cleaning - and astounding difference!
    Your hard surfaces take a lot of abuse. The wear may not be obvious, but when you move furniture around, you can see the damage time and traffic take on your floors of any surface. After your hard surfaces are clean, we can polish and/or wax them to help them look nicer and protect them from stains and other wear and tear. We can clean any of these hard surfaces:
    • Tile & Grout
    • Laminate
    • Wood Flooring
    • Natural Stone
    • Marble
    • Granite
    • Slate

  • Duct / Vent CleaningDirty Vent Prior to Cleaning
    Dirty ducts can affect your whole house. After time, your ducts and vents can accumulate dust, dirt, hair and other debris. Getting your ducts cleaned can help with allergens and odors.

  • RV Cleaning
    Whether it's a used RV or a mess that's been left since the last road trip, there's no need to fret about going on vacation again. We can get it all clean and smelling fresh!


A wood floor being installed
  • Flooring Installation
    Whether it is new carpet, laminate, wood, or any other type of flooring, we can install it. For hard surfaces, we follow the installation with a polish to really make it shine.

  • Rebuild
    When there is damage, we can replace studs, sheet rock and trim. We can also tape and bed and paint the affected areas.

  • Custom Installations
    Do you have another custom project in mind? We have done a wide variety of custom installations, from a new shower installation to a total home restoration.
    Shower Installation- Wood Framing Only Shower Installation- After Tile Installed Shower Installation- Complete